St Catherine's Catholic School


Head of Department (HOD): Mrs Z. Okoroji

2nd in Charge (2ic):  Miss K. Man

Teacher namesMiss T. Allen, Miss S. Bajrami, Mrs P. Williams, Miss N. Holsgrove, Mr J. Looney & Ms B. Rothon

  • English is the medium through which we express and understand ourselves, and make sense of the world;
  • The world language of commerce, learning, science, and industry;
  • The analytical study and exploration of the world through non fiction and fiction texts;
  • Vital for success in all other subjects


At Key Stage 3, our aim is to develop both the confidence and skills of all students in both the written and spoken word. We hope to inspire a love of literature and writing that will extend beyond their time with us at St. Catherine’s, and to this end a range of texts (including fiction and non-fiction) have been carefully selected to match the interests of, and sufficiently challenge, the students. To ensure that our curriculum remains interesting and engaging, these texts are reviewed each year.

Main Skills developed

  • Analysing a writers choice of language and structure
  • Communicate clearly, fluently and effectively
  • Interpret a writer’s ideas and attitudes


At Key Stage 4, students will spend two years studying AQA GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature concurrently. AQA GCSE English Literature is comprised of; a novel study, a Shakespeare play, modern prose or drama, a cluster of poetry and a selection of unseen poetry.

Year 10:

AQA English Language GCSE

AQA GCSE English Language (8700) – 2 exam papers

Paper 1 – Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing (50%)

20/21st Century Prose Fiction source with exam questions

Stimulus based writing task

Paper 2 – Viewpoints and Perspectives (50%)

Non Fiction/ Literary Fiction (19, 20,21st Century – Journalistic, reports, essays etc) with exam questions

Writing task related to the theme of the excerpt focusing on audience, purpose and form.

Year 11:

AQA English Literature GCSE

AQA GCSE English Literature (8702)

Paper 1 – Shakespeare and The Novel (40%)

One extract to whole question based on Shakespeare play



If you would like to find out more about the English curriculum, please contact Mrs Z. Okoroji at: