St Catherine's Catholic School


Payments for all school related activities that involve a cost, and school meals accounts should be made on ParentPay; you will have received a letter from the school with your access details to ParentPay. If you have any queries about payment please contact the Finance Office via


ParentPay is an online payment system for schools. It allows parents to pay quickly and securely for school meals, trips and activities, uniforms, music lessons and fees.

You simply top-up your ParentPay account online  by debit or credit card, or in cash through PayPoint stores. Payment by standing order and faster payments will be available soon. Your ParentPay balance can be used immediately to pay for any of your children’s items at any school using ParentPay.

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Parent Account - The fast way to pay school

Fastest way to pay: Load credit into your Parent Account and pay school with just one click

Flexibility: Maintain credit in your Parent Account to help with family budgeting.

Executive Pay

No current employees of the academy earn over £100K per annum.

In 2019/20, one employee received a salary of £110-120K per annum

Annual Reports and Accounts

Please see the attachments below for details. The most recent report will be at the top of the attachment list.