St Catherine's Catholic School

Pastoral Care


Leaders have established a strong safeguarding culture. An experienced and skilled team ensures that all members of the school community, including governors, are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities. Pupils know who they can talk to if they have a concern. Staff are appropriately trained and know to report concerns, no matter how small. This culture of vigilance helps to keep pupils safe - Ofsted Report June 2022

Online Safety

Parents & carers .. Do you know the legal age restrictions on social media accounts?

Useful websites

The internet can be a useful tool for communicating, downloading information (such as recipes, maps, train times, weather etc.) researching, shopping, teaching and generally having fun playing internet games and activities. For most people the internet has become the first port of call for information and a vital part of their everyday life; and for children in particular an excellent tool for homework and chatting to friends!

Because of the prolific use of the internet coupled with the anonymity of internet users, internet safety has become paramount and all internet users need to be aware of the key issues. As with many activities in life, so long as you follow certain guidelines and are aware of the dangers, you should still be able to enjoy safe surfing. Many organisations have set up comprehensive websites which provides guides and rules on internet safety.

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