St Catherine's Catholic School

Staff List 2023-24

Title Surname Job Title
Mrs Thompson Headteacher
Mrs Foucher Deputy Head (MFL) SLT
Mrs Kaur Deputy Head (DT) SLT
Mrs Cunningham Assistant Head & Chaplain (MFL) SLT
Mr Looney Assistant Head (English) SLT
Miss Allen Assistant Head (English) SLT
Mr Taylor Assistant Head (Science/ Astronomy) SLT
Mr Childs Data Lead SLT
Miss Konadu-Aboagye SENCO SLT
Mrs Griffith Business and Finance Manager SLT
Mrs Addo Head of Design and Technology
Miss Awe Mathematics
Miss Bajrami English
Miss Banks Design and Technology
Miss Brown Science/ Head of House Angela
Mr Bundy Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Carlomagno Business Studies
Mr Considine Mathematics
Mrs Darkowa Head of Computer Science/ Psychology/ Head of House Adele
Miss Davis History Curriculum Leader
Mr Fisher Head of Science
Miss Fookes Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Francis Head of Mathematics
Mrs Freeman Joint Head of Religious Education
Miss Hall RE / Head of House Cecilia
Mr Hayter Media Co-ordinator & Media Resources Officer
Miss Holland Geography/ Head of Year 11
Miss Holsgrove English
Mrs Husband PE/ Child Development
Mrs Joanes Head of Music
Miss Kluth Science
Mr Lenihan Second in charge of Science
Mrs Loughnane Religious Education
Miss Man English
Mrs McDonagh Head of Humanities
Miss Monin Science
Miss Morris Geography
Miss Nadeem Science/ Teacher in charge of Psychology
Mrs Okoroji Head of English
Mrs Pain Mathematics
Mrs Peters Second in charge of Science
Mx Pheby Mathematics
Mrs Ramsay French Lead Techer
Mr Redmond Music
Miss Rice Geography
Mrs Richardson Head of PE
Miss Rothon English
Miss Rus Second in charge of Mathematics
Miss Sayer Physical Education/ Head of Year 9
Miss Shepherd Mathematics/ Head of Year 8
Mrs Smyth Mathematics/ Head of Year 10
Mr Soars History
Mrs  Salmoun History
Miss Soubrier Second in charge of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Tanner Religious Education
Miss Williams Head of Drama
Miss Wood Physical Education/ Head of House Frances
Miss Woodhouse Physical Education/ Head of Year 7
Mrs Williams English
Mrs Woodcock Joint Head of Religious Education
Mrs Yardley Physical Education
Miss Zalanyi Science
Support Staff    
First Name Surname Job Title
Mrs Boyle PA to Headtecher and HR Manager
Mrs Winchester Finance Officer 
Mrs Hinch Data/Exams Officer
Mrs Wall Cover Manager
Mrs Kingston Administrative Assistant
Mrs Blake Administrative Assistant
Ms Gibson Receptionist
Mrs Gurney Attendance Officer
Mrs Donnelly Librarian
Mr Young Communication Information Systems Manager
Mr Burls Network Administrator
Mrs Turner DT Technician
Mr Costea DT Technician
Mr Dart Senior Science Technician
Mrs Bridle Science Technician
Mrs Redgrave Cover Supervisor
Mrs  Norman Cover Supervisor
Mrs Marshman Pastoral Centre Manager
Mrs Turner Pastoral Support
Ms Corneille Learning Support
Mrs Banks Learning Support
Ms Edwards Learning Support
Ms Gorrard-Smith Learning Support
Mrs  Holcroft Midday Supervisor
Ms De-Souza Midday Supervisor
Ms Noonan Wood Midday Supervisor
Mr Cox Premises Manager
Ms McMullen Operations Manager
Mr Gurney Assistant Premises Officer
Mr Campbell Assistant Premises Officer
Mr Meslek Assistant Premises Officer
Ms Fowler Counsellor
Ms  Keen Counsellor
Mrs Mulroy Lead Counsellor
Ms Oke Counsellor
Mrs Bushell Cleaner
Miss Dobson Cleaner
Mrs Dobson Cleaner
Mrs Gurung Cleaner
Mrs Kirwin Cleaner
Mrs Mills Cleaner